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Create Biotech, our simple ideology is to consistently create exciting products in order to meet the needs of Patients and Physicians. In cooperation with the experienced team members, we’d like to supply a safe, innovative and creative medical device to strike for a better healthcare environment to the world.

“Patient Benefit” is the core value that Create Biotech periodically self-inspect if we are still on the track of pateint centric. No matter what we do, patient benefit is weight over other business considerations. We strictly request every product should pass a series of validation processes during pre-market status. All products are able to trace back its manufacturing history by complying the regulation of CE and ISO 13485.

“Always there for every breath” is our vision which is supported by four causes, including:
- Do what I love
- Co-develop products
- Safety and function
- To where we are needed

Strengthened and Boosted

We seek to achieve the best possible partnership with distributors, hospitals and OEM cases worldwide.
We hope to deliver our high quality but affordable products to patients, to paramedics and to you.


Create Biotech is developing products for Alternate Care.

We keep collecting the advices from patients, family members, physicians, and distributors to evaluate every possibility to improve the life of patients.
Don’t hesitate to share or co-develop with us. We have an experience team to achieve the possibility.

For any advice, please share with us via info@create-biotech.com