About Us

About Us

About create biotech


Create Biotech is a relatively new company consisting of an international team with experience in medical device. As a global medical company, we strategically focus on developing and manufacturing anesthesia therapy, ventilation support and airway management consumables.

Our commitment is to consistently create exciting products to help hospitals and medical staff improve the safety and quality of treatment to patients. In order to meet the commitment, we constantly review ourselves to comply with the latest medical device regulations and international standards.

With the assistance of our global authorized partners and clinicians, we’ve successfully been co-developing many interesting medical devices and collecting feedback to refine our products constantly.

Today, our people are dedicated to maintaining core value "Passion Matters‧Patient Matters" and achieving the commitment in four ways:

Do what I love!
Passion is the key to supporting and motivating each team member. We appreciate and encourage everyone to hold this mentality.

Co-develop products
Clinical needs and partners’ feedback are the most valuable assets for continuous development and improvement of products. We listen carefully and respond quickly.

Safety and Function
Safety and functionality are our responsibility and commitment. We perform a series of pre-marketing validations to ensure the safety of patients and users.

To where we are needed
No matter where you are, everyone has the right to survive and use quality medical device at an affordable price. We try our best to appear in every region of the world.